Seaholm Power, LLC
The Seaholm Power development team is comprised of four principal organizations: Southwest Strategies Group, Centro Development, State Street Properties, and La Corsha Hospitality Group. Seaholm Power brings together highly qualified development, design and construction firms, melding local experience and familiarity with world-class expertise in specific areas. Not only is our team fundamentally qualified, we are also passionate and committed to this type of complex project.
Urbanspace Real Estate + Interiors
Urbanspace is the exclusive sales and marketing lead for the Seaholm Residences. Urbanspace Real Estate + Interiors is an urban lifestyle brand established in Austin, Texas, in 2000, by visionary entrepreneur, Kevin Burns. Three companies reside under the Urbanspace umbrella: Urbanspace Residential Real Estate, Urbanspace Commercial Real Estate, and Urbanspace Interiors. Urbanspace has spearheaded the real estate and design growth of downtown and the urban core through its wide breadth of local knowledge, years of experience, and a shared desire for living the urban lifestyle. Serving as the only real estate and interiors firm in downtown Austin, Urbanspace’s passion is to connect clients to Austin’s unique personality. Learn more at